Jimmy Fallon Freaked Out When Steve Irwin's Son Brought Wild Animals On Set [Video]

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Jimmy Fallon Freaked Out When Steve Irwin's Son Brought Wild Animals On Set [Video]

The king of late night TV crossed paths with the king of the jungle this week, and he looked a little uncomfortable.

Steve Irwin with his son Robert and daughter Bindi.In Touch

We've shared stories about the late Steve Irwin's son Robert before. The son of the "Crocodile Hunter" is following in his famous dad's footsteps. He hosts his own wildlife TV shows, advocates for conservation, and even takes award-winning photos of the animals he meets while traveling the world.

Like his dad (and his sister Bindi) before him, Robert has also appeared on late night TV, helping audiences get to know some unusual animals. The last time he visited the set of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Robert brought along all sorts of critters.

The TV host cringed as Robert handed him snakes and scorpions, but also cuddled with a pair of adorable black bear cubs. Fallon even got up close and personal with a binturong, or "bearcat," to find out if he really smelled like popcorn.


Robert returned to the show with new animals this week, and it's safe to say that Jimmy was a little freaked out by his "guests."

For this visit, Robert left the creepy crawlies at home. But even some of the cuter creatures he brought on the show were pretty vicious.

Sid the lesser anteater didn't look too vicious, but the rowdy animal gave Robert and Jimmy a little trouble. The host was already spraying Purel on his hands before he even touched Sid, and wound up calling "security" on the little creature.


You can tell Rob is a chip off the old block, because he wasn't even phased by the wild animal's behavior. "You did well," he told Jimmy. "You held your ground, I was impressed."

The two also spent some time cuddling with leopard cubs on the studio floor. The adorable - but dangerous - cats explored the set while Jimmy tried his best to be invisible.

Robert couldn't convince Jimmy to rub noses with a prehensile tailed porcupine either, but when he brought out Butterscotch the Burmese python, Fallon and his band lined up to help show her off.


Just like his dad, Robert is teaching people everywhere about the animals that fill our planet. We can't wait for his next visit to the show!

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