They Turned A Rusty School Bus Into A Stylish Tiny Home

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They Turned A Rusty School Bus Into A Stylish Tiny Home

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Touring the country in a school bus is pretty unusual, and not every couple's idea of a dream life.

But for Andrew and Steph MacArthur, it just seems natural.

For one thing, the couple from Greenwich, New York are both teachers - so the school bus was a perfect fit.

And, of course, the MacArthurs have renovated their bus. What was once a beat-up kid-carrier is now a colorful and kitschy RV that will make you consider #BusLife.

Rust, Elbow Grease, And A Dog

The huge project started last October, when the MacArthurs bought a retired yellow bus that they nicknamed "Rusty."

With their own DIY skills (and just a little help from Steph's dad) the pair gutted the bus and gave it a complete makeover.

While they're both teachers, it's clear that Steph and Andrew have the eye of an interior designer.

Their many projects inside the bus include details like reclaimed wood countertops that would make Chip and Joanna Gaines proud.

The end result is like a tiny home on wheels, or a luxury RV with all the conveniences of home.

Some of Rusty's new features include a solar-powered fridge, sink and counter top, sleeping area, miniature living room, bathroom, and storage racks.

With their mobile home complete, the MacArthurs did what we've all dreamed about from time to time: hit the open road for an extended vacation - with their trusty dog for company.

"Don't dream, live!"

Bus tiny home
Rusty after his makeover.summerskoolielife - Instagram

To be clear, the MacArthurs own a real home, and have no plans to leave it for Rusty.

But the six weeks they spent inside the bus criss-crossing the country was a welcome cure for their wanderlust.

"[This trip is] really to explore this alternative lifestyle," Steph said about the tiny home fad.

"[Our] students have been very curious about this and the topic of future has come up a lot," she explains. "The kids are wondering, 'Do I have to go to college, do I have to buy a 3,000-square-foot house and have 2.5 kids [to be happy]?"

If you dream of hiking, fishing, and biking around the country like the MacArthurs, then the answer is obviously no. All you need is an old bus and some construction skills.

Of course, there were a few road bumps during the trip.

"Last night we almost drove off the road due to a sudden unpaved road change," the couple shared on Instagram, "discovered that we're only getting 8 miles to the gallon AND almost ran out of gas....whoops!"

But the MacArthurs made a lifetime of happy memories on the trip, and are encouraging fellow travelers to follow their hearts.

"Don't dream, live!" as a fellow road-tripper told the couple.

"Don't just sit on Instagram wishing you could do all these things people are posting about. If you actually want to do it, just go do it!"

Do you dream about driving across the country like they did?

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