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Watch: Veteran Guard Shames Tourists After They Disrespect A Soldier

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Every year, more than 3 million tourists visit the Tower of London. It's been a "must-see" destination in the city for hundreds of years, and between the famous Crown Jewels, tours of the grounds and taking pictures with the guards, there's lots to see and do. But one pair of tourists got a very embarrassing souvenir from their visit.

Video from another tourist, which was captured last year but has gone viral this week, shows a woman who allegedly threw her glove on the ground, expecting a nearby soldier to pick it up for her.

The tower's Queen's Guard are famous around the world for keeping a straight face and standing completely still, no matter what goes on around them. Tourists like to have a little fun, joking to make them laugh, but they're trained to stay calm no matter what.

That's because the Queen's Guard is made up of real soldiers, not actors in funny costumes. It's their job to guard the Jewel House and royal residences like the Tower, and they take their job seriously.

This tourist wasn't expecting that she would have to actually handle the consequences of her actions...

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