Woman Goes To Sister's Wedding Only 5 Hours After Giving Birth


Woman Goes To Sister's Wedding Only 5 Hours After Giving Birth


One of the memorable moments in a woman's wife is when they walk down the aisle. After months of careful planning and typically thousands of dollars spent, they'll (hopefully) have the perfect day they've always imagine.

The only thing that trumps this day is having a child, but ideally it wouldn't happen on the same day, especially to two close sisters.

But that's just what happened to Emily Chell, 27, and her sister Katie, 28.

On June 9, Katie was set to tie the knot and have Emily by her side as her bridesmaid. However on that fateful morning, the younger Chell delivered her son Brody three weeks early at 7:10 a.m.

"It was about 10 p.m. and my mum drove me home because my neighbor is a midwife," Emily shared. "[At] about midnight my neighbor told me I should go to hospital so she drove me and I just kept telling the doctors I had to go to the wedding."

After Emily had rushed to the Royal Stoke University hospital in Staffordshire, England, she gave birth to her son without any complications, and took a few hours to rest.

However, Emily was adamant she wouldn't miss her older sister's big day, and made sure to make an appearance.

"We left the hospital at 11.15 a.m and drove 13 miles back to the wedding venue," Emily said. "We'd called ahead and someone had brought my bridesmaid dress there so as soon as I got there I put Brody in his crib and jumped in the dress."

"It was pretty mad because my mum hadn't even met Brody until we made it to the church," the new mother continued. "I was 10 minutes late but people had waited for me so I walked down the aisle holding Brody. Everyone cheered when we walked in. It was a lovely moment."

The new bride was also thrilled Emily and her new nephew could make the ceremony, and said she was thrilled at how the day turned out.

"It was a crazy day and I was completely overwhelmed by everything," Katie shared. "Emily tried her hardest to get to the wedding and I was glad she made it in time."

"We'll now always share our anniversary with Brody," the proud aunt added.

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