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You Won't Believe How Much Your Favorite Stars Are Worth

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Celebrities are just like us: their lives have ups and downs, they have families, and they worry about their health just like we do. But there's one thing that definitely sets celebrities apart from everyone else: money. It's easy to forget, but every time you see a celebrity on your TV screen, or at the movie theater, that's a big paycheck for them. Maybe we know that our favorite stars are richer that us "little people," but it can still be surprising to find out just how much they're worth.

Some stars that we've completely forgotten about are still raking in piles of cash, while today's big names sometimes make less than you'd expect.

Chris Hemsworth -  $60 million

This Aussie hunk has graced the screen in big-budget superhero movies including Thor and The Avengers, so it's no surprise that he's making big bucks. With more Marvel films on the way, expect Chris to be worth twice this amount in just a few years. Meanwhile, Chris's little brother Liam - who's dating Miley Cyrus - is only worth $16 million.

Milo Ventimiglia - $10 million

While This is Us is one of the biggest shows on TV right now, Ventimiglia already had a successful career before the show started. Fans of Gilmore Girls will remember him as Jess, and he also starred in Heroes. Ventimiglia has already caught up to co-star Mandy Moore, who had a huge music career when he was still filming guest spots on TV.

Ronda Rousey - $12 million

While this MMA fighter who burst onto the scene in 2012 is no longer the UFC women's bantamweight champion, her career has benefited from small roles in movies like Entourage and Furious 7.

Rousey earns millions just to show up to her fights (in 2015 she earned $14 million) so if her career lasts any longer she could be worth a fortune.

Dog the Bounty Hunter - $6 million

After 8 seasons of his hit reality show, Dog called it quits before making a comeback in Dog and Beth on the Hunt. Today he's retired completely from TV, but still running his bail bonds business, writing books and traveling across America to lobby for bounty hunters like himself.

Rebel Wilson - $16 million

This Australian comedian and actress was totally unknown just a few years ago, but roles in movies like Bridesmaids and her hilarious appearances on Ellen have won her fans around the world - as well as some huge paydays. Wilson was in 3 movies last year, so it looks like her career is still going up, up, up.

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