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Baseball-Themed Gender Reveal Ends In A Hilarious Disaster

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Love it or hate it, it seems like the gender reveal trend is here to stay, and parents are forced to try and come up with a new and interesting way to break the news that they're having a boy or a girl.

As if pregnancy announcements, baby showers, naming parties and regular old birthday parties weren't enough to worry about, now parents are stocking up on colored balloons and trying to one-up other parents with bigger and bigger surprises.

We'll admit some of these videos are pretty creative, and we've even shared some tips about how to pull them off yourself, but we still get a kick out of gender reveal videos that end with a twist you wouldn't expect.

That's what we get from poor Kyle Tait and his wife, who tried to reveal their baby's gender with a baseball-themed announcement. Their video is going viral around the world, but not for the reasons they hoped it would.

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