19 Celebrities Who Have Insane Dopplegangers

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Have you ever seen someone on the street and thought to yourself "they look SO familiar, but I can't quite place it?" More often than not, it's because their face reminds you of a celebrity. For the most part, we can differentiate between someone who kinda looks like a famous person and the real thing.

But when it comes to these celebrities, I certainly wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Also, for fun, I did a test to see who my celebrity doppelganger is.


...I don't like this game anymore.

Here's some way better celebrity doppelgangers.

1. Angelina Jolie

Mathieu César for Guerlain/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Angelina on the left, doppelganger on the right.

I wonder how many times a day this woman gets asked if she's Angelina Jolie? I bet she could sneak into any awards show and even Brad Pitt wouldn't know the difference.

25-year-old Chelsea Marr is from Scotland, and is currently living in London, England.

2. Kim Kardashian


WHO'S WHO: Kim on the left, doppelganger on the right

Okay, this is just scary. Kamilla Osman looks like the spitting image of the reality TV star. Imagine if you got to live the life of the person you looked like for a whole day? Osman would be living large! As for Kim, she could probably take a day off and send her doppelganger to any public events. No one would notice.

3. Taylor Swift

GC Images/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Taylor on the left, doppelganger on the right

The country-turned-pop singer has some striking features, and so does her doppelganger April Gloria. A noted cosplayer, Gloria has a quote from T-Swift in her Instagram bio.

"You are not the opinion of someone who doesn't know you."

4. Katy Perry

Splash News/Twitter

WHO'S WHO: Katy on the left, doppelganger on the right

Her doppelganger almost looks more like her than she does! Perry has a ton of celebrity doppelgangers, including Zooey Deschanel, but this fan takes the cake!

5. Selena Gomez


WHO'S WHO: Selena on the RIGHT, doppelganger on the LEFT.

No, I didn't get those confused. I even triple checked to make sure. Sofia Solares, a 22 year old from Mexico, is a huge Selena Gomez fan. I wonder if she became a fan because she looks like her, or if that's just a happy coincidence?

"I love Selena Gomez and I declare myself a fan of her and of course it would be a dream to know that she knows of my existence and will devote a few seconds to write me something!" Solares said in an interview. "I would cry with happiness."

6. Ryan Gosling


WHO'S WHO: Ryan on the left, doppelganger on the right

It's hard to imagine a world where there are two Ryan Gosling's, but Grant Hazell is pretty close. The 35-year-old police officer from Australia says it's pretty fun being a famous lookalike, but sometimes people don't believe it's not the real person.

"She told me she had seen all my movies and that she was in love with me. When I said I wasn't actually him, she didn't believe me. It was a surreal conversation," Grant joked.

7. Leonardo DiCaprio


WHO'S WHO: Leo on the left, doppelganger on the right

It's too bad this guy wasn't around in the early '90s when Leo was still young. Swedish-born Konrad Annerud is a dead ringer for the Titanic actor, and probably could have used that to his extreme advantage.

8. Kate Middleton


WHO'S WHO: Kate on the right, doppelganger on the left

Heidi Agan literally makes a living off of looking like Kate Middelton. The royal lookalike gets paid 3,000 Euro a day.

"I've spent the past few months having to wear four different-sized false baby bumps made for me by a seamstress, so I look authentic as the real pregnancy has gone along," says Heidi.

9. Johnny Depp


WHO'S WHO: Johnny on the right, doppelganger on the left

Listen, I did a lot of research on this one. There are a lot of people who look like Johnny Depp. This guy was the best one, though. Unfortunately I can't find his name...but I hope it's something like Donny Jepp.

10. Gordon Ramsay

Mirror Online/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Gordon on the left, doppelganger on the right

Martin Jordan looks eerily like the famous angry chef, and he knows it. Jordan will appear at your weddings, awards shows, and basically anything else.

"I am an experienced Gordon Ramsay lookalike, impersonator, body double and lookalike agency favorite," he boasts on his website.

11. Colin Farrell

Instinct Magazine/Facebook

WHO'S WHO: Colin on the left, doppelganger on the right

It must be pretty nice going through life looking like these men do. I'm almost 100% sure they're identical twins who were separated at birth. James Martin is also in the entertainment industry, as an actor and a Colin Farrell impersonator.

12. Whoopi Goldberg

New York Daily News

WHO'S WHO: Whoopi on the right, doppelganger on the left.

While donating $10,000 to an order of Harlem nuns, Goldberg ran into Sister Gertrude Ihenacho, who looks practically identical to the Oscar-winning actress.

"I wasn't expecting her to be there," the nun said. "I looked at her and said, "˜Yeah, she looks just like me.'"

13. Beyonce


WHO'S WHO: Beyonce on the left, doppelganger on the right

You and I may think that Brittany Williams looks like Beyonce, but that doesn't mean she does.

"I actually don't think we resemble. She is a beautiful woman and so am I. But at the end of the day, God created her to be her and me to be me, and I love being me!" she insists.

14. John Legend


WHO'S WHO: John on the right, baby on the left (obviously)

It's strange to have a doppelganger that's barely as old as your morning cup of coffee, but here we are. Legend agreed that "the reason all these babies look like John Legend might be that John Legend looks like a baby."

Even his wife, Chrissy Tiegen, had to ask people to stop sending her pictures of their babies because it was too much.

15. Ariana Grande

Film Magic/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Ariana on the left, doppelganger on the right

20-year-old Jacky Vasquez is the spitting image of the international pop sensation, so it's a good thing she's a fan.

"I've always been an Ariana fan! Ever since Victorious until now," Jacky told SweetyHigh. "I love her vocals, her style, her personality and just everything."

16. Adele

Film Magic/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Adele on the left, doppelganger on the right

The Swedish 22 year old talked about her resemblance to Adele, but made sure to clarify something.

"I do not strive to look like her, or anyone else," Ellinor Hellborg wrote on Instagram. "I am my own person."

17. Jennifer Lopez


WHO'S WHO: Jennifer on the left, doppelganger on the right

J-Lo may have an incredible figure, but she's got a lot of work to do if she wants to match her lookalike, Janice Garay. Both look amazing, but something about Garay's arms tell me she could hit a home-run farther than J-Lo's boyfriend A-Rod.

18. Lady Gaga

Film Magic/Instagram

WHO'S WHO: Gaga on the left, doppelganger on the right

Amethyst Rose, the 18-year-old Gaga twin, says people let her know all the time that she's a dead ringer for the pop star.

"If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga I'd be V rich," she writes in her Instagram bio.

19. George Clooney


WHO'S WHO: George on the left, doppelganger on the right

Guillermo Zapata, a restaurant owner in West Hollywood, looks a lot like our favorite ER doctor. Both are rocking that silver fox look, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Which celebrity do you look like?

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