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8 Powerful Crystals That Can Heal The Mind, Body, And Soul

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When a friend suggested to change my necklace pendant to a healing stone, I was a little skeptic. At the time, money was short and I was feeling lethargic, had a lot of stress, and found that everywhere I went it felt like there was a dark cloud above me.

But there was one thing for certain, my life couldn't get any worse than it already was, and the bonus here was that the pendant was an extremely gorgeous garnet stone.  

After a month of keeping this stone close, and thinking positively, my life turned 180 degrees. I don't believe in coincidences.

You don't necessarily need these stones to be on your neck so they can work their charm. You can keep it in your pocket, home, car, or anywhere else you like. Just make sure you acknowledge its presence!

Here are eight powerful healing crystals that you should always keep close to you that will balance your mind, body, and soul.

1. Amber

Amber is one of the world's oldest stones and holds ancient wisdom. This golden gem encourages creative self-expression and is said to alleviate symptoms of depression.

If you feel like you're stuck on a project and can't plow through it, keep this stone close to you. It's best if the gem is actually touching your skin. It will balance all the negative energy in your body, and encourage you to think creatively.

2. Rose quartz

The stone of love is desired by many people seeking harmony in their relationships. The beautiful pink stone works to purify spirits and encourage good thoughts. Next time you get worked up over what a friend said or what your significant other didn't do, keep that rose quartz close and know that it will comfort you in times of upheaval.

3. Halite

This crystal was formed through the evaporation of sea water, and is known to be able to remove bad energy around you - whether it's from this dimension or not.

You can keep this in your home in the form of a Himalayan salt lamp. It exudes a positive, warm aura that makes you feel happy and calm.

These next crystals are quite powerful, and may be just the thing you need to give you that leg up in life!

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