Your Zodiac Sign Has Something To Do With How You Deal With A Breakup

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Your Zodiac Sign Has Something To Do With How You Deal With A Breakup


Do you ever wonder why you act differently from your friends or family during a breakup? There could be an answer.

People tend to react to a breakup differently based on their zodiac sign.

Here's how your sign deals with ending it:


Aries like a thrill in a relationship and if they are not getting this, they often get bored and have no problem moving on.

If this is the case, an Aries will probably forget about you very quickly. But if this isn't the case, when an Aries gets their heart broken, you will definitely see their crazy side.

Luckily this crazy phase won't last long because an Aries is amazing at picking themselves back up and making themselves forget.


A Taurus may have a hard time letting go of their significant other and moving on.

They often feel broken after a breakup and only reflect on the good times of the relationship, instead of the bad.

Luckily, once a Taurus has gone through this phase, they will move on and never look back.

Once a Taurus has given themselves time to heal, they will find complete peace and forget their ex.


A Gemini could surprise you with how well they can get over a breakup.

They can seem perfectly happy in a relationship one day, and then be completely over it the next day. They are the best at "fake it until you make it" when going through a break-up.

They hide being upset by always having a smile. They also deal with a breakup by moving on as quick as possible. That could be by having a rebound or even just having fun until they forget.


Because Cancers are deeply sensitive and emotional people, they deal with breakups pretty badly. Sometimes when their partner leaves them, it takes some time for the reality to sink in.

Cancers will bottle it up and only let it out in private. These crabs will show a hard exterior and will be stubborn at times. Don't be fooled, though. They do suffer.

Unfortunately, because it's a Cancer's nature to drive away those they love by being too clingy when feeling inadequate, it may make reconciliation impossible in many cases.


In breakups, a Leo's ego quickly becomes their number one priority.

They might do just about anything to make their ex jealous and regret breaking up with them.

This star sign is often too proud to admit wrong-doing, and this may even be the reason why they were broken up with in the first place.

Even when they're in the wrong, Leos will want to get an apology. Keeping their lion-like confidence strong, Leos assume that their exes will eventually come back.


A Virgo is very practical and down to earth. Because of this, they like to cut their losses early if they don't see a future, but if they've invested themselves to a partner they do the opposite.

If a Virgo has invested themselves into a partner they will try to make things work however possible.

During a breakup, a Virgo will always worry more about how it will affect people around them rather than themselves.


A Libra is super balanced and has extreme common sense when going through a breakup.

They will want to make sure everything is done fairly, and that there is no drama involved.

They see breakups as a learning experience that they will grow from.

I think we all wish we could handle breakups like a Libra.


A Scorpio believes revenge is their best medicine.

Although they don't like to show emotions, they will find a sneaky way to get revenge on their ex.

Their judgement can often be clouded when they get mad or hurt, making this a dangerous combination.

They love deeply and hate even more deeply.


A Sagittarius craves romance and lust, and committing to a relationship might be boring to them.

If their partner isn't adventurous or exciting enough for them, they might get bored, leave, or sometimes even cheat.

Even if they get broken up with, they try to mask the pain by just jumping into a new relationship.


A Capricorn will always try to fix a problem in their relationship.

If their partner tries to leave them, they will try to talk it out and fix the issue because they hate the thought of breakups.

This happens unless their partner cheats or does something to that extent.

In this case, a Capricorn will build a wall up and keep you as far away from them as possible.


An Aquarius is devoted and manipulative at the same time.

If they are broken up with, they will avoid confrontation at all times and choose to manipulate their ex instead.

If they are over a relationship, they may trick you into ending it for them.

They also feel that being aggressive is a negative thing and that smooth conversations are best.


As the most sensitive sign of the zodiac, a Pisces can tend to lose it when someone they care about breaks up with them.

They get into a major funk, lash out at others, and can sometimes become self-destructive.

Breakups hurt sensitive Pisces, often to the point that they can't function.

They also take longer than almost any other star sign to overcome a breakup.

Is this how you deal with a breakup?

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