51 Stylish And Affordable Ways To Decorate Your Backyard

51 Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Backyard On A Budget

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Warm weather is here, and you know what that means: a to-do list as long as your arm before the season's first backyard BBQ.

With all the weeding and pruning to do in the garden, it's easy to ignore everything else in your backyard.

Odds are your outdoor furniture has seen better days, and your fence could probably use a knew coat of paint.

While you're feeling handy, we have a few stylish ideas for easy and affordable backyard projects.

There's something on this list for every backyard and budget, so take a look.

1. An outdoor lounge

outdoor lounge

Nothing says relaxation like a cozy seat in the shade on a summer day.

Spend as much as little as you want, but don't forget to include a gazebo or shade, seating, and a table to set cold drinks on.

2. Illuminated garden

Rope lights
Christmas Lights etc

All it takes are some solar-powered rope lights to impress your guests when the sun goes down.

3. Bicycle panier planter

Bike planter
Life and Style Properties

It's cute, kitschy, and guaranteed to make your neighbors jealous.

4. Milk can planters

This project is simple and gorgeous. Antique buckets and tins work just as well.

5. A pergola


Big box stores sell these shady spots, but the handyman in your life could make one too.

6. Monogram planters

Monogram planter

This takes a little woodworking knowledge, but it gives your garden a personal flair.

7. Bandana table runner

Bandana table runner

It only takes a few minutes to stitch together, but looks fabulous.

8. Stock tank planters

Stock tank planter
State by State Gardening

Re-purpose this old farm equipment as a great place for backyard flowers.

9. Radio Flyer bar cart

radio flyer bar cart
David Hillegas

I know, it's a shame to tear apart these antique wagons, but the cold drinks are worth it.

10. Pallet flower display

Pallet flowers

You can get these wooden pallets for free at furniture stores by asking nicely, then turn them into a lovely flower display.

11. Pocket garden

Pocket garden
Good Housekeeping

Here's a great way to grow flowers or herbs while saving space in a small yard.

12. Outdoor grill set holder

Here's a simply DIY Father's Day gift he's guaranteed to like.

13. Rope-wrapped planter pots

I just think these look much nicer than regular old pots. All it takes is a hot glue gun and some patience.

14. A hammock

Yellow Leaf Hammocks

Is any backyard really complete without a hammock?

15. Lantern terrarium

It's a cute little miniature garden, and a handy way to grow herbs or succulents.

16. Wooden walkway

Wooden Walkway
Funky Junk Interiors

Make a stylish connection between two parts of your yard with this low-cost project.

17. Decorated paving stones

Such a simple project, but the results speak for themselves.

18. Ladder planter

Here's a crafty and cheap space-saver for small gardens.

19. DIY Birdfeeders

Country Living / HGTV

There are all sorts of fun styles to make, including our very simply design.

Best of all, they attract pretty wild birds to your home.

20. Banners

These easy decorations give your backyard a festive feel, no matter what the occasion is.

21. Antique crate planters

Antique crate
Russelss Garden Center

You can pick up these vintage boxes for dirt cheap at most antique stores.

22. Tin can lanterns

Tin can lantern

They're a little more work to set up than regular fairy lights, but the effect is really pretty.

23. Macrame lawn chairs

Macrame lawn chair
DIY Network

Give your rusty outdoor furniture a unique makeover in the style and color of your choice.

24. Fairy light trees

Fairy lights
Segals Outdoor Furniture

A quick trip to the hardware store will magically transform your backyard all summer long.

25. Towel rack

Pool towel rack
Just for Personalized

If you have an outdoor pool (or even a sprinkler system) it's worth building a handy rack for towels and wet bathing suits.

26. Homemade wind chimes

Nothing beats the relaxing sound of wind chimes. I have a few sets at my home, and I like my homemade ones best.

27. Stock tank swimming pool

Stay cool this summer in a "hillbilly hot tub," this year's biggest backyard trend.

28. Outdoor daybed

These are perfect for reading in the shade or - let's be honest - catching a quick afternoon nap.

29. Fire pit

Fire Pit
DIY Network

Take your pick: you can buy these cozy outdoor features at hardware stores, or build your own for less than $100.

Just make sure backyard pits are allowed in your town/city before you buy/build.

30. License plate birdhouse

License plate birdhouse
Brian Woodcock

Show off your state pride with this crafty DIY birdhouse.

31. Playhouse

We can't guarantee yours will look this good, but it's always a nice addition if your kids are still young.

32. Tea tin citronella candles

Tea tin citronella
Good Housekeeping

Did you realize you can make citronella candles at home? In fact in these stylish tea tins they're re-useable.

33. DIY Sandbox

There's still nothing more fun than a sandbox, and they're very easy to make.

34. Tire swing planter

Tire swing
DIY Showoff

If you ask me, this is a waste of a perfectly good tire swing. But it's still cute.

35. String lights

String lights
Hometown Evolution

Whether your yard is big or small, a string of these lights is the perfect way to decorate.

36. Backyard chalkboard

This is an easy way to entertain kids at a party, or play fun backyard games.

37. Wine bottle bird feeder

Have any empty bottles laying around? Be honest. Well this is the perfect way to "upcycle" them.

38. Stacked planters

Stacked planters
Balcony Garden

Here's another space-saving design for gardeners without gardens.

39. Pallet sofa

Pallet sofa
101 Pallets

With one look at this easy DIY project, your friends will be begging you to make them one.

40. Hanging colander planters

Hanging colander planter
Brian Woodcock

Here's a handy hanging planter that looks great and will last for years.

41. Stock tank bench

Stock tank bench
Finney Excavations

Yes, stock tanks have plenty of uses. The smaller models are just the right size for a bench.

42. Garden shed

Garden shed
House Plans and More

If you don't have one yet, this could be the time to build one.

It keeps your yard clutter-free, and with decorative touches like French windows they can actually look nice.

43. Colored folding chairs

Painted chairs

How do you give ugly lawn furniture new life without breaking the bank? A colorful makeover like this.

44. Tree stump table

Tree stump table
Victor Chavez

If you've been meaning to get rid of that dead tree in your yard, this could be the perfect project.

45. Stained glass fence

Stained glass fence

This creative project combines colored marbles and a wide-bore drill to turn your fence into a conversation piece.

46. Watering can fountain

Watering can fountain
Garden Therapy

You can order these stunning water fountains online, but if you have a plumber in the family they can probably rig one up too.

47. Arch

One Garden

If you have a bigger yard with multiple sections, an arch is the perfect way to split them up.

48. Wine bottle tiki torch

Wine bottle tiki torch
DIY Network

Here's one more way to recycle those empty wine bottles: a more grown up take on the tiki torch.

49. Cinder block sofa

Cinder block sofa
Home Design Interior

It's cheap, easy to make, and comfortable (once you put the cushions on).

50. Painted picnic table

Painted picnic table
Little Miss Momm

This is an easy way to take some drab backyard furniture and make it stand out.

51. Recycled tire planter

Recycled tire planter

These cute planters are also good for the environment: just spray paint a few tires and keep them out of the landfill.

Which of these projects are you going to try?

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